Rachael Gathers

Dear Woman of Grace

Dear Woman of Grace, We were so young, you remember.  We made decisions we had no business making, which in… Continue reading »


Moving Forward in 2014

Last week I shared with you what worked best for me in 2013.  I want to be a person who… Continue reading »


What I Gather About 2013

This year on January 1st I sat down with my husband and spent several hours discussing the ups and downs… Continue reading »


Emmanuel, God With Us

I have been listening to a song on repeat over the last couple of weeks. It is called I Shall Not… Continue reading »


What I Gather About Whole 30

If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever drastically change my eating habits, I would have… Continue reading »


Dear Dad, Letter 4 (on cancer and trust)

(I debated whether or not to share this publicly.  Obviously I landed on doing it.  I want to be an… Continue reading »


What I Gather About Priorities

I was having one of those months.  Even though my calendar told me there was enough time to fulfill my… Continue reading »


A Gathering of Vacation Reads

I have taken a couple of weeks off from blogging due to a vacation.  I will be back to my… Continue reading »


We Are Gathering

We open our homes and we open our hearts. Come in to my messy house and into my messy life…. Continue reading »


Dear Dad, Letter 3

Dear Dad, I wondered how October would feel when it came around this year. Your absence is always felt on… Continue reading »