What I Gather About… Brave

Five Minute Friday

Today is 5 Minute Friday!  The word of the day:  BRAVE!  Check out more fantastic writing on Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog!


Some days I feel brave.  In front of me I see wide open spaces, lots of sunlight flooding green fields full of life.  I’ve walked this path long enough to know that while I may see wide open spaces in front of me, it’s just the view he is letting me enjoy.  The path he lays out before me is always a narrow one.  I’m accustomed to and comforted by the gentle prodding when I get off track.

I have felt brave before.  I think of the journeys I have been on, led by one who seems to take delight in keeping my future a secret from me.  That’s okay.  Everywhere I have been with him has been rich and full and beautiful.  Hard, oh yes.  That doesn’t scare me anymore.

Okay, okay.  Sometimes I’m scared out of my mind, not of what’s hard but of the unknown.

Not today.  I am brave and looking ahead and feel thrill. THRILL!  I never use that word, but it seems fitting.  I have the tools I need, won by conquered battles and the equipping of the Holy Spirit.  What more could I need?  I have laborers alongside me and I will not look back.  I press toward the mark, he is my prize.

Yes, I am brave today.  I have been afraid and paralyzed at times but today I am brave and I choose to take a step.


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A Gathering of Links V

blog2-1It is later than normal for my weekly post of links.  I have been stuck in bed for four days with some kind of flu/sinus infection-type illness.  Thankfully I’m feeling better today, although my muscles feel like I have just run a marathon without any conditioning.  Let’s look at the bright side… there’s at least a foot of snow outside.  Oh, that’s not the bright side?

While I haven’t been thrilled with the illnesses in my home or the horrible weather launching spring 2013, I must admit that anytime I get really sick, like stuck-in-bed-for-days-sick, it gives me a new appreciation for my health and my life.  It makes me want to live it fully and take advantage of the time I have.  So what better time to get sick and better again than the week of Easter?  I am anticipating so much this year.  I know that spring is coming and with it will come new life and beauty.

I will talk more about Easter later this week, but for now I want to direct you to some great links from the past week or so.

First off, thanks to my fantastic readers, my most popular post this past week was A Gathering of Goodwill Finds.  My own personal favorite was What I Gather About Layers, Life and Spring.  That post was breathed to me by the Holy Spirit and encouraged me so.

Spiritual Inspiration:

From Lisa Jo Baker, on hospitality

From Jen Hatmaker.  I love how bold and honest she is, while still demonstrating such love.

My FAVORITE post of the week… I wish I had a son to share this with…. from A Holy Experience.

For Parents:

From Sarah Markley, on Knitting Us Well Together.

On Marriage:

From my friend over at Becoming Whitney, Desperation.

For Easter:

Design Mom’s painted egg cartons.  I hope to find time this week to make these for my girls.

Pioneer Woman’s fun rice krispie eggs.

Food Love:

Because I lived in Cuba… from A Beautiful Mess, banana chips.  Also, their 25 breakfasts to love.

From Oh Happy Day, churros?  Yes, please!


From my friend Jen at Girl in the Garage, on overcoming fear.

What about you?  What books are on your nightstand?  What have you read this week that has inspired you?  Any favorite recipes or blogs to share with the rest of us?  I would love your feedback!