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The sun shines down on this open prairie.  The tall grass sways gently in the warm summer wind.

Our movements are slow.  Slower than my fast-paced mind wants to handle and slower than my hurried feet are used to walking.

He stands in front.  I am keenly aware of his presence, rightfully at the head.  We travel behind, dutifully, a line of obedient followers…. followers in every sense of the word.

He walks deliberately.  The placement of each footstep is carefully orchestrated.

I feel the pressure of the choice we must make with each passing moment.  Will we stay in step with him?


Will we cave into our innate desire to push ahead?

The thought crosses my mind that we all could make a faster path.  We could pass in front, going ahead of him.  We could make a new path to the right or the left.  None of us want to go back, but some moments even going backwards entices me more than the painstaking pace we walk now.

The words pass through my mind…. the kind of words I have learned not to ignore….. the words that speak life and light and direction…..

Alert to his movements.

We must be alert to his movements.  We must carefully and deliberately place our feet only in the steps he has already made ahead of us.


To be alert to his movements, my senses must be heightened.  I must keep my eyes on him.  There are so many distractions in every direction.  My gaze must be fixed on him.

I must listen.  Perhaps he will give directions for navigating this terrain.  Perhaps I will miss his still, small voice if my ears are tuned to the noise and chaos surrounding me.

I must be patient.  He knows the pace I can handle, the pace that will cause me  to arrive at my destination at the proper time.  I must not go ahead, to the right or left, or especially backwards.  Perhaps a time will come to run.  Right now, I walk.


Lord, let me be alert to your movements.  Where you lead, I will follow.  Let my pace be in perfect time with your footsteps ahead.  May my eyes be fixed on you and my ears tuned to your voice.  When you stop, I will stop.  When you give the directions to run, I will sprint with all that is within me.  When you warn of a stumbling block in my path, I will avoid it.  I have nothing to fear.  With the help of your Spirit inside of me, I will follow your directions and follow your lead.  No other path interests me.  No other leader will earn my trusting gaze.  No pace is too slow or too fast if you are before me.


Don’t let me go a single step without your presence.  I am alert to your movements.

For love, I follow.

Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before me. (Psalms 5:8)


When was the last time you felt specific direction from God in regard to your movements?  Have you ever felt God asking you to speed up or slow down?  To look to Him for direction on your journey?

Love to all and have a blessed weekend!



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What I Gather About… Brave

Five Minute Friday

Today is 5 Minute Friday!  The word of the day:  BRAVE!  Check out more fantastic writing on Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog!


Some days I feel brave.  In front of me I see wide open spaces, lots of sunlight flooding green fields full of life.  I’ve walked this path long enough to know that while I may see wide open spaces in front of me, it’s just the view he is letting me enjoy.  The path he lays out before me is always a narrow one.  I’m accustomed to and comforted by the gentle prodding when I get off track.

I have felt brave before.  I think of the journeys I have been on, led by one who seems to take delight in keeping my future a secret from me.  That’s okay.  Everywhere I have been with him has been rich and full and beautiful.  Hard, oh yes.  That doesn’t scare me anymore.

Okay, okay.  Sometimes I’m scared out of my mind, not of what’s hard but of the unknown.

Not today.  I am brave and looking ahead and feel thrill. THRILL!  I never use that word, but it seems fitting.  I have the tools I need, won by conquered battles and the equipping of the Holy Spirit.  What more could I need?  I have laborers alongside me and I will not look back.  I press toward the mark, he is my prize.

Yes, I am brave today.  I have been afraid and paralyzed at times but today I am brave and I choose to take a step.


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