A Gathering of Goodwill Finds: Dress Edition

Anyone who knows me well knows my obsession addiction love for Goodwill.  A few weeks ago I posted some of my favorite Goodwill finds for my kitchen and got a lot of positive feedback.  So this week I thought I would share with you some of my favorite dresses from Goodwill.

I practically live in dresses.  In the winter I pair them with sweaters and boots.  In the summer they are perfect with sandals and help me stay cool in the summer heat.  The dresses in this post aren’t my only dresses purchased at Goodwill, they are just a handful of my favorites that aren’t stored away.  I would also like to mention that all of these dresses were purchased for either $6.99 on a normal day or (most of them) for $3.49 of half-off day.  No wonder I have issues shopping at normal stores these days!

IMG_2760This is one of those great little black dresses.  It’s comfortable and I especially love the buttons.  I have dressed it up with leopard print heels.  I have worn it to everything from funerals to church services to conferences.  I tried to find a comparable price if this had been purchased new, but the company, LAYERS clothing doesn’t have a website that I can find.

IMG_2762This is a navy Tommy Bahama dress, which would retail around $90-$100 new.  It has been in storage and is need of some ironing, but the quality is obviously high.  I love this dress for summer.  I have paired it with short-sleeved cardigans of many colors… yellow, white, red, red striped, etc.  It is so versatile.  I am a recent convert to navy.  When I was a teenager someone told me blue wasn’t my color, so I didn’t wear blue or navy for a long time.  Now I love it and have a lot of navy in my closet.

IMG_2764This is one of my favorite go-to dresses.  It is a Tommy Hilfiger dress, and would retail well over $50.  The fit and length are perfect.  It has pockets, which I love and obviously can be worn with anything.

IMG_2766This is one of my all-time favorite finds at Goodwill.  I bought it for my niece, but took it back after noticing she never wore it.  It is a Free People crocheted dress.  Similar Free People dresses retail anywhere from $100-$300.  This is a really fun dress to wear to parties (obviously with something underneath) and I have also dressed it up a lot with red heels.  I love it because it is so unique.  I have received more compliments on this dress than any other item of clothing in my closet.

IMG_2768The detail is gorgeous and my iPhone photos don’t do it justice!

IMG_2769I love the Indy Goodwills because they get tons of new items straight from local Targets.  This is a Merona dress from Target.  It still had tags on it and was originally about $30.  I love maxi dresses.  To me, nothing is more comfortable than a long maxi dress.  I don’t wear purple much, but really liked this print.  I think I will get a lot of use out of it this summer.

IMG_2771This is another denim dress from Isaac Mizrahi for Target.  I can’t emphasize enough how cute this dress is on a body!  It is so flattering and I love the collar.  My niece Chelsea wanted this for herself, but I selfishly claimed it as my own.  I have already worn it with a cute coral sweater and brown sandals.  This would retail at Target for about $35-$40.

IMG_2773This dress is in serious need of ironing!  It is one of my favorite dresses for lots of reasons.  I love the comfy t-shirt material at the top.  The color is my all-time favorite, hands down.  The fit is perfect and I can’t wait to wear it out this summer!  It is from Gap and would retail around $50.  I would say my $3.50 was a steal!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my favorite dresses from Goodwill. How about you? Do you shop at Goodwill? Does it gross you out buying used clothing? What are some of your best finds? Which of these dresses in my post is your favorite? I would love your feedback!

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