What I Gather About Roads


I’m one of those people who allows my mind to wander when I’m alone.  I sometimes spend an excessive amount of time pondering some kind of meaningless topic.

This happened yesterday in the car.  I was driving to Castleton to pick up something at a craft store.  I was flying down I-69 and started thinking about how the roads I use most have drastically changed since I moved.

When I lived in Castleton, 96th Street and Allisonville were my lifelines.  They got me everywhere.  When we lived in Westfield, I traveled by US 31, Keystone, and Rangeline.  Now that we live in Noblesville, I find myself using SR 37, I-69 and 146th street to get me nearly everywhere.

As I thought about this, I realized that many of my destinations are still the same.  I still visit Mom or the in-laws in Westfield.  I have been driving into Carmel to tutor at the library.  I am in Castleton at least once a week for Ava’s violin lesson.  I sometimes visit the malls in either Castleton, Keystone, or downtown.  I shop at Goodwills all over north Indy.

Can you see what I’m talking about?  Spending so much time pondering a useless subject?

Then I had my come-to-Jesus moment, right there in the car.  His presence swept over me, tears filled my eyes, and I was overwhelmed to have one of those moments when you feel God is giving you just-a-little-glimpse into what his plan is for your life….

God has transplanted me.

Hear me out.  I’m not talking about moving away from Christ Jesus as the rock on which I stand, abandoning all of the old paths, or compromising on unchanging truths.  In that regard, I pray I am a tree, planted by the water that shall not be moved.

Yet in a spiritual sense, I have been uprooted and planted someplace new.  Therefore the roads I travel have changed as well.

The simple revelation that swept over me in the car was that while the roads I travel have changed, MY DESTINATION IS THE SAME! I haven’t taken some detour resulting from my own poor navigational skills.  God prodded and poked, made the nest uncomfortable and practically pushed me over the edge until I complied and made my home in a new place.

The roads I travel look a bit different.  The scenery is unfamiliar and I’m learning my way around.  However, some things are recognizable.  I see God’s beauty and hand at work everywhere I look, just as I did before.  Jesus is still the rock on which I stand, my firm foundation in my new home.  My ultimate purpose, the Great Commission, has not changed…. although the roads getting me there are a bit new to me.

Some days I miss my old home, that place of comfort where I learned and thrived.  I miss the old roads I traveled to arrive at my destination.  They were familiar and beautiful and holy.  Yet I feel a sense of adventure in this moment, knowing my new home was not a place of my choosing, nevertheless is exactly where I am meant to dwell.

So I move forward, praying to my navigator, determined not to get lost, and anticipating the final destination with great joy.


Tell me about times in your life God has transplanted you?  What was difficult about those times?  What was exciting?  How did you know you were in the place God wanted you?  Did it take prodding to get you there?  I would love to hear your feedback!





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  1. Wanda says

    Being older I have traveled many, many roads. Lived in many, many different places. Jesus Christ has always been the rock of my salvation. I don’t compromise on unchanging truths. But, I have learned to adapt to my new surroundings without compromise. I believe what I believe. This sometimes makes others uncomfortable until they know me better. You can’t change what you believe to suite what others think you should believe. To your own self be true.

  2. Lori Slabaugh says

    Well I must admit that I read this blog Rachael because I saw the words….”new home” and it caught my attention! Now after reading it I believe I needed to. Your wisdom seems beyond your years. I definitely am not familiar with the road I am on and have not been for nearly 12 years. Sometimes that is confusing to me and I do feel lost. However, this blog was very encouraging to me and a reminder that God is ultimately in control of the roads I take and I need to remember that ultimately those roads will lead me to live with Him for eternity. If we all took the same roads, we would all live in the same place, shop in the same place, work with the same people, worship in the same place and ultimately not be reaching the world. A good reminder that we need to follow the road the Lord has each one of us on in order to reach others. Thank you Rachael for allowing the Lord to speak to you and through you!

    • Rachael says

      Thanks for the feedback, Lori. It was very encouraging to me. I don’t know a lot about the roads you travel, but I do know that you and Bob have had a profound impact on my life. I honestly don’t know what I would do without your love, support and advice. It’s nice to know I could give a little something back to you by writing this post :)

  3. James says

    I’m thankful for a wife and family that is eager and willing to be moved, transplanted, and even inconvenienced for God’s purpose. This blog reminded me of how blessed I am to have such an amazing person with whom I can share roads.

    Not only have we found existing paths and roads, we have pioneered new trails to Gods purpose with His direction. This blog and website has been and will continue to be an inspiration for me on roads that are sonetimes difficult to travel. Thank you Rachael.

  4. Billie says

    I’m a little late to comment on this. It’s been a crazy week. Rachael, this spoke straight to my heart. On August 1st, it will be 4 years since we moved from Indiana. I traveled the exact same roads in a city that was my home from birth to age 36. My family has gone to the same church for 28 years. There have been times when I wondered why God called me to leave my home and times that I’ve cried because I missed it so much. Without fail, every time I feel this way, He confirms His will for me whether it be through a scripture, sermon or his still small voice. “Transplanted” describes it perfectly. When a plant grows to a certain size, it must be transplanted to a bigger pot. If the transplant doesn’t happen, the plant will outgrow it’s pot and die. God will transplant us when we’ve grown as much as we can in a certain place. Growth is not comfortable and the process can be painful, however, it is necessary for us to survive and thrive in the Kingdom of God. He is more concerned with our calling than our comfort, and if transplanting is what it takes, then that’s what he’ll do. Our job is to bloom where we’re planted.

    • Rachael says

      I love, love, love this comment, Billie! What a beautiful metaphor for God’s plan in moving us. I can relate to everything you said, even though I am in the same city, I am in a completely different place. Thanks for sharing, it is inspiring!

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